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Chapter 1: Two blue eyed guests.

‘Another day. Another lousy practice,’ you thought as you shoot the basketball in the equipment cart of the school’s gym. You looked towards the girls of your team, all of them were checking their hair or nails hoping nothing was out of place most of them were just here for the attention from the guys. ‘Hmph! And I’m suppose to captain them? Great’ you sighed and walked up to them standing next to the coach for his ‘encouragement talk’.

“Alright girls, some of you played nice and improved greatly since last week,” he said smiling to the girls who in turn thought they were doing great except in was the opposite “in a few weeks we maybe can even have a friendly match against another school for now dismissed!” The girls walked away chatting happily about fashion and boys while you stayed behind with the coach.

“We’re gonna be crushed next match and you know it,” you stated to the coach who sighed in return “I know (Nickname) but they were the only ones who wanted to play for the school but I’m sure our star player slash the new captain can think of something to keep them motivated.” Looking at you with a knowing smile.

“I doubt it,” you grumbled “they barely listen to me and they are only active when the boys walk in.”

“You don’t know until your try (Nickname),” he said “you know (Best friend) dealt with the same problem when she just started out as captain and look where she is now.” You looked at him shocked and amazed unable to speak.

“You’ll figure something out. I’m sure of it,” he said a ruffled your hair a bit “now off to bed with you.” You let out a small chuckled and walked to the locker room thinking about what your coach had said about (Best friend).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You walked out of the locker room dressed in one of your knee length shorts, hoodies and sneakers; sport bag in hand. Still deep in thought about what the coach had said about (Best friend) the former team captain. Your two year older friend who leaded the team into the basketball tournaments of the last three years ‘How did she do it’ you thought looking at the trophy case were the second place cup for the last tournament stood alongside the photograph of the team.

You and her holding the cup with two proud grins on your faces along with the rest of the team, except you the whole team was in their last year of high school and now scouted in various colleges across the country. You let out a few tears flow out of your eyes from looking at the photo “Please (Best friend),” you whispered “show me something that can help me.” You let a few more tears before drying them and walking out of the building inside the night air

“Argh,” you grumbled looking towards the thick mist “a lousy practice and this too, looks like I pissed of some deity or something.” ‘What did I do?’ you thought ‘I’m just (First name) (Last name). An average girl who really loves playing basketball.’ You were also a girl who really loved watching anime whenever you had spare time saving your favorite ones on your laptop, you’re absolute favorite being ‘Kuroko no Basket’ when you had heard there was an anime about basketball, you immediately start looking in up and fell in love with the show ‘Okay falling in love maybe not’ you thought chuckling you just were really happy that they had created the show. ‘Maybe I’ll watch two or three episodes before bed,’ you thought and started walking towards the school dorms.

You see you were a student that studied abroad from home because you and your parents wanted that you got a good education since you lived so far away from the school. You could rent a place at one of the school dorms on the school campus. Currently you lived alone in the dorm house because all former roommates graduated last year it gave you some peace and quiet but after sometime it got really lonely but on the other side you could play your music and animes on top notch volume.

Halfway through the walk you began whistling a one of your favorite songs out of boredom until you started to hear a faint dog’s barking that came closer until the dog jumped at you and threw you of balance making you land on your butt as said dog was barking happily in your face. “Ow! What the-” you winced and looked right at two pale blue bright eyes belonging to the happy barking puppy whose front paws were pushing on your chest.

“Hiya,” you said petting it behind his ears “would mind getting of me I like to get up” as you tried to get up, the puppy happily jumping your arms still barking. “And what your name?” you asked the somewhat familiar looking dog wearing the Seirin basketball uniform…wait. What the hell! “Aren’t you-” you started asking the small puppy but got interrupted by another voice calling “Tetsuya! Tetsuya! Number 2! Number 2!”

Out of the mist comes a boy with light blue hair and eyes looking around for something or someone as he spots the dog you’re carrying in your arms saying “Oh, there you are Number 2. I was getting worried you run of the side walk and in front of a car,” until he sees you the person carrying his dog “getting some female attention I see.” chuckling lightly before addressing you. “Were are my manners. I’m Kuroko Tetsuya and that is my dog Number 2. Again I’m sorry.” Tetsuya said as he introduced himself to you.

You on the other hand couldn’t hardly believe that you were seeing the head character of your favorite anime in the flesh. You only could mentally clear your head when Kuroko asked who you were “Oh right sorry. I’m (First name) (Last name), nice ta meet ya.” giving your signature grin looking at the male until a barking got your attention “and you too.” petting the puppy’s head before you looked towards Kuroko.

“You said that you were afraid that he might be hit by a car,” you started “but there is barely a car especially on school priority and at night.” You wanted to mentally slap yourself ‘What conversation starter’ you thought as you had your inter battle with yourself.

Kuroko looked around at the scenery which were a lot of trees along with the mist and the night sky “We must have really run a long way,” he mumbled starching the back of his neck “besides I can barely see anything in the mist nor doesn’t Number 2.”

Said dog whined a little sad about seeing his owner confused “Hey stuff like this can happen sometime,” you said petting the dog “luckily none of you got hurt.” You were about to say more but three stomachs growled at the same time, you chuckled a lightly before saying “How about we all get something to eat first? My dorm ain’t far and I’m having pasta for dinner, hope you don’t mind.”

“Sure,” Kuroko said “that sounds nice” smiling at you until Number 2 barked “and some meat for him.”

“Okay,” you chuckled “two pasta’s and one mashed meet.” Leading the way to your dorm while Number 2 barked happily in your arms.

New story!

A reader story featuring the anime Kuroko no Basket.

(First name) a basic average boyish girl with a huge love for basketball finds herself in pinch when the new team member of her school's team are nothing but grls who look like living barbie dolls, who don't even listen to her. After one practice she suddenly finds herself looking one of her favorite anime characters and more follow. How will she handle her team and 7 very attractive guys all at once? Stay tuned.

(First name) - your own
(Last name) - your last name
(Best friend) - your best friend

Disclaimer & rights: 
All I own in the story.
I don't own the anime or you.
I also don't own the preview picture found it online.

Link to the anime:…
It really is a great anime to watch. Enjoy^^
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